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Wire Rope Testing

ITCL and TCK.W are proud to introduce a new and highly efficient method of inspecting industrial wire rope:

These revolutionary new products from TCK.W offer previously unseen portability, dynamism and detailed data without the need for interpretation. ITCL and TCK.W are at the forefront of this new technological breakthrough, and are delighted to offer the very latest, most efficient, quality driven wire rope inspection service available.

Wire ropes are responsible for providing a lifeline for industry in hostile and demanding conditions, used in a multitude of industries and purposes, from cranes and suspension bridges to fishing boats. Anyone directly involved within the assessment and overseeing of high tensile wire rope can appreciate the risks involved with poor or inadequate maintenance of this vital structure.

Why test your wire ropes?

Given the importance of wire ropes in industry, they are inclined to be subject to heavy usage causing wear and tear over time. In this era, there is a definite onus on companies to have a solid and thorough understanding of the failure modes of wire rope and access to the very best in testing equipment. With this in mind, ITCL are delighted to introduce TCK.W’s ground breaking technology in the form of the very latest and advanced wire rope inspection apparatus.

Until recently, products used within the market for non-destructive testing of wire rope worked on the principle of magnetic flux leakage or induction of a heavy magnetic field within the rope with the use of permanent or electro magnets and cumbersome testing conditions. Vigorous training is required for technicians to perform this inspection and the end result is based on subjective interpretation from the technician.

What can ITCL do?

Our new innovative software from our technology partner TCK.W removes any ambiguity of readings and potential for human error from the process. This is achieved in three simple steps

  • Undertake the inspection by attaching the testing unit to the rope and running along the section required – the data will then be stored in the unit.
  • Connect the testing unit to a software package which allows an external PC to download the data.
  • The software is then able to analyse the data within minutes and quantify the results in a clear and comprehensive self-generating inspection report.

Whilst previously the apparatus used industry wide was known for being, large, heavy, and unwieldy this testing unit weighs 1.7Kg – a fraction of any other apparatus currently on the market. The data produced is clear and concise and has no requirement for a trained technician to review vast amounts of unrefined data that is open to interpretation and human error.

The breakthroughs made in this technological area are set to redesign the way that this testing discipline is approached. The sensitivity of the apparatus is anywhere from seventy to two hundred and fifty thousand times more powerful than any of its competitors, offering unparalleled accuracy and insight into specific strand faults. The revolutionary Dou sensors will quantify corrosion, abrasion and breakage to combat against any strength loss, to identify any necessary rope replacement and increase efficiency in the speedy detection and resolution of any flaws.

Our product will ensure the quality and safety of wire ropes used in nearly any industry. The cost efficiency and ease of use will change wire rope inspection permanently and bring a previously unseen level of assurance to companies large and small.

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Wire Rope Testing for Safety

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