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Weld Procedure Approvals from ITCL

A welding procedure qualification test (WPQT) is a comprehensive test to demonstrate that a weld made according to a specific Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) meets the given requirements.

All our weld procedure approvals are fully certified by a recognised third party (RTPO).

During the welding of your test pieces, our inspector will assess four key procedure components:

  • The welding procedure is known and adhered to
  • The materials used are in line with the required quality
  • The equipment defined is also used
  • Further procedure steps, such as pre-heating, are adhered to.

The welded piece is then tested as required, once cleared they are taken to the UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

To provide you with maximum flexibility, we aim to turn around your WPQR within 1 week. We can also run your weld procedures over the weekend as our test centre is open seven days a week.

We offer welding procedure approvals to European, British & American standards notably BS EN 15614 & ASME IX.

Also, covering client’s standard procedures or project specific procedures.

Welder qualification is achieved via Zurich Engineering approved personnel. All certification will be supplied by Zurich Engineering.

Contact a member of the ITCL team on 0151 356 7118 for more information.

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Weld Procedure Approvals

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