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Vacuum Box Testing

Vacuum Box Testing procedure is used for leak detection where quantitative measurement is impractical. It can be applied to any object on which a pressure differential can be created across the test area; for example to pressurized gas-line joints, piping systems, pressure vessels and storage tanks. Visual inspection alone has considerable drawbacks; particularly the need for clean and accessible surfaces and is, in many cases, insufficiently sensitive to the detection of minor flaws.

Why should I use ITCL?

ITCL prides itself on the high quality of application and testing by experienced technicians. Our workforce is fully qualified to current standards and works to approved procedures and control checks. Environmental and health & safety issues are of paramount concern to all staff working on your site. Expert consultation is always available.

ITCL offers a comprehensive 24hr in-house and on-site service.

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Vacuum Box Inspection

Vacuum Box Inspection

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