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Tank Inspection

ITCL are experts in carrying out non-destructive testing on storage tanks, pipes and vessels, inspecting and testing hundreds every year in the UK and as far as Dubai and the Seychelles. Our unrivalled inspection methods, procedures and reporting are in place to enable you to receive the best service and reporting required to ensure your operations can be measured and can continue to the standard required for your industry.

ITCL technicians are qualified to EEMUA 159 and have countless years of experience between them, achieved from inspecting and testing across the UK and globally in range of industries, including petrochemical, manufacturing, nuclear power and foodstuffs. 

All of our inspection services can be executed when in operation or where a tank has been de-commissioned, using either an ultrasonic thickness survey or by using a drone flyover option, with testing equipment attached to the drone, a service we are leading the market with, in the UK.

Our inspection services include:

  • Tank Floor Scan - Using our Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique, we perform a full scan of the tank floor distinguishing between topside and underside defects.
  • Shell Crawler Ultrasonics - The shell is predominately inspected via ultrasonics and MPI, sampling various areas, including the plates, welds, nozzles and manways. An ultrasonic survey is performed down the total length of the tank at various positions using a remotely operated crawler operated by a technician from a control panel (See video above).
  • Weld Inspection - Welds are inspected via magnetic particle, electromagnetic techniques, liquid penetrant, UT weld inspection and vacuum testing techniques.
  • Tank Roof - Plate condition, roof supports, seal welds, and seal weld of roof- to-shell connection (frangible joint), nozzles, vents, handrails.
  • Foundation Assessment - Settlement and tilting checks, corrosion of annular, earthing etc.
  • Visual inspection - Bund wall, bund area, plates, welds, brackets, nozzles and pipe work etc using a Cambridge Welding Gauge, tape measure, torch and hand tools.
  • Peripheral Equipment Assessment - Earthing bosses, venting device, level gauge, level float, dip hatch using a torch and hand tools
  • Tank inspection & repair methodology in accordance with the requirements of EEMUA 159 or API 653.
  • RBI (Risk Based Inspection) & site audits for determining inspection intervals & inspection workscopes.
  • Tank Calibration / Strapping
  • Inspection Management Software.
  • Tank Cleaning, Shot Blasting & Waste Removal.
  • Paint & Lining Inspections and Application.

On completion of all inspections you will be sent an inspectors report that is fully comprehensive, detailing findings and results of each inspection carried out. It will go on to offer recommendations for further works and detail the next inspection date, with calculations as per the EEMUA 159 specification.

Here at ITCL we offer all of our clients access to an online portal named Genesis, a portal with client log-in access that houses all reports and recommendations, that can be accessed 24/7 via the web.


Contact a member of the ITCL team on 0151 356 7118 for more information.

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Tank Inspection

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