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Ferrite Testing

What is ferrite material?

Ferrite, also known as α-ferrite (α-Fe) or alpha iron, is a materials science term for pure iron, giving steel and cast iron their magnetic properties.

Ferrite content analysis is a Non Destructive Testing method which provides the ferrite levels for austenitic stainless steel and duplex materials such as weldments, castings, forgings, weld overlays, wrought materials. The data produced as part of this test is supplied as a delta ferrite percentage or number.

The test is relatively quick to complete and accurate analysis is provided by ITCL’s portable Fischer Ferritscope MP30.

Ferrite testing and inspection can be carried out either in a workshop, on the actual service items on-site or at our testing centre.

Requirements for testing successfully

It is not recommended for the material temperatures greater than approximately 125°F/51°C.

The surface preparation is very important for result accuracy with the surface being free from contaminates and reasonably flat to allow good contact.

ITCL supply a detailed Ferrite Report which will reference the items tested.


Here at ITCL we pride ourselves on the high quality of application and testing by our experienced technicians. Our workforce is fully qualified to current standards and work to approved procedures and control checks. Environmental and health & safety issues are of paramount concern to all staff working on your site, with expert consultation always available.

ITCL offers a comprehensive 24hr in-house and on-site service.

Contact a member of the ITCL team on 0151 356 7118 for more information.


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Ferrite Testing

Ferrite Testing

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