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Eddy Current Testing (EC)

The basis of eddy current testing and inspection techniques are similar to the principles of electromagnetic induction and are used to inspect metallic parts for flaws and other defects.

This testing is particularly useful for the detection of surface or near-surface defects, alloy sorting, conductivity thickness measurements and the inspection of bolt holes and other cylindrical areas.

Using a portable, hand-held probe, currents are induced from a magnetic field in the test piece affecting the magnitude and phase in the probe coil – thus providing accurate measurement readings.

Suitability for Eddy Current Testing:

  • Crack detection
  • Material and coating thickness measurements
  • Conductivity measurements for material identification
  • Heat damage detection
  • Monitoring and determination of casing depth.

Advantages of Eddy Current Testing:

  • Sensitivity to small cracks and other defects
  • Surface and near-surface detection
  • Immediate feedback as results
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and portable probe kit
  • Test objects need minimal preparation
  • Probe is sensitive in either contact or non-contact mode

Here at ITCL we pride ourselves on the high quality of application and testing delivered by our experienced technicians who are fully qualified to current standards and work to approved procedures and control checks. Environmental and health & safety issues are of paramount concern to all staff working on your site, with expert consultation always available.

ITCL offers a comprehensive 24hr in-house and on-site service.

Contact a member of the ITCL team on 0151 356 7118 for more information.

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Eddy Current Testing

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